Pre-Need Services

One of the most caring, loving things you can do for your family is to leave detailed information which permits them to make the funeral service a personal tribute in keeping with the way you wanted.

Making funeral arrangements at the time of loss is extremely difficult for those left behind. When the funeral, and sometimes even payment, have been arranged in advance, most of the decisions have been made, sparing uncertainty and confusion at a time when emotional stress may make decisions difficult.

Would it be better in your situation to plan ahead, calmly and sensibly, when you are in a normal mental and physical state, when you have full ability to reason, and when you are able to discuss arrangements with your family?

Write Your Own Obituary

Use the form on the right and take some of the guesswork out of your final arrangements. Your family will have the peace of mind knowing that the arrangements were the way that you wanted them.

Pre-Need Form



BIOGRAPHY - required
Write a short biographical piece about your life. This should include where and when you were born, where you lived throughout your life, notable awards and times in your life, important hobbies, where you went to school.

CALLING HOURS - if no calling hours, leave blank.
Note where you would like the calling hours to be.

SERVICE - if no services, leave blank.
Note where you want your funeral services to be.

PRECEDED IN DEATH BY - if no appropriate family members preceded, leave blank.
Include any immediate family that preceded you in death.

CONTRIBUTIONS - if no contributions, leave blank.
Tell people where they can make donations in remembrance of you.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS - if no special instuctions, leave blank.
Who do you want in charge of your final arrangements, clothing, jewelry, glasses, etc. Do you want to be buried, cremated, mausoleum? Pallbearers?

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